Blur videos

Blur videos and pixelate heads and faces automatically

To blur videos or pixelate them – and this on an automatic basis – was a big challenge for TimeStudy, as data protection, including the blurring of heads and faces, is an important topic for many employees and worker´s councils. Finally this data protection is now possible by anonymizing videos automatically with the help of artificial intelligence (AI).

Pixelate videos and implement the video analysis

For detailled process analysis, workshops, line balancing, ECRS-, waste and potential analysis, work instructions, training films and so on, the video analysis is an essential and successful tool for process optimization. Therefore a lot of companies will profit by this newly developped blurring tool. With the TimeStudy video analysis you can make apparent waste and value added in the production process. After that you evaluate the processes and determine the potentials, assess the ergonomics and find subsequently measures for optimization.

Blur videos and pixelate heads and faces automatically

The simultaneous automatic pixelation makes high demands of the software. With the help of AI heads and faces in the video analysis can be pixelated automatically. It recognizes up to 99% and makes the heads and faces unrecognizable by blurring them. We could just convince several companies.

So please watch our short videos on our website or on you tube.