Blur videos

Automatic blurring of heads and faces in videos

The video analysis still is the perfect tool for optimizing processes and the automatic blurring of heads and faces makes it even more interesting. Using video analysis helps the enterprises with data determination, detailed process analysis, workshops, process optimization, line balancing, ECRS-analysis, waste and potential analysis, work instructions, training films and more.

But often there are problems with employees and works councils, so we tried to find a solution. With help from artificial intelligence (AI) which we use in our TimeStudy blurring tool, heads and faces are automatically pixelated in the video analysis.

TimeStudy blurring tool – making persons unrecognizable

Our clients consider the blurring tool as outstanding. They were surprised by its performance. Therfore please watch the videos below.

1. Example: Employees working in production – Simultaneous automatic blurring of heads and faces with the TimeStudy tool


2. Example: Participants of a SMED-Workshop – Simultaneous automatic blurring of heads and faces with the TimeStudy tool


YouTube: Please watch our YouTube-Video.

With this AI-based tool we offer you two possibilities:
  1. You make films available (Dropbox) and TimeStudy blurs the heads to be seen in the videos. Then we set the anonymized videos back in the Dropbox.
  2. Or you buy the soft- and hardware from TimeStudy. The software is Phyton-based. It has to be configurated specially and needs a NVIDIA-graphics card, as complex calculation are necessary to analyse the single frames of the video.

The anonymization of videos is highly demanding concerning the software. Therefore the success depends on the position and size of the heads to be blurred. Without AI such a task could not be solved. But with AI 99% of all heads and faces are recognized. Only very small or partially seen heads are possibly not recognized. A further important point is the processing time, which depends on the length and resolution of the film as well as the number of pictures per frame (frame rate). The blurring of heads during a 5 minute film (frame rate < 30 pictures/sec) lasts about 40 minutes under optimum conditions.

Our offer to you or your enterprise:

You can send us a short video, which contains heads or faces, for testing purposes. We edit the video with our software and send back to you the anonymized video without costs. We will deal with your data discretely and assure you not to pass it on. Of course we can conclude a confidentiality agreement.

We like to inform you in detail about the automatic blurring of heads and faces or send you an offer. Write to us or call us +49 2306 / 9254 002.


This page was created on 29th July 2021.