Zeitaufnahmen nach REFA

Time study

Simple execution of time studies

You need a time study in production in order to identify waste and consequently to optimize the process, to improve the planning of orders or to create standard times and much more?

The best way to do the time recording is with a tablet PC. Because you can use it with up to 5 clocks at the same time and all entries are made with the keyboard or a pen. Another advantage is that the TimeStudy time recording software is immediately ready for use without any preparation. In addition, you can automatically select the next process section in auto mode. There are also shortcuts for frequently used key combinations.

There are integrated standard reports according to REFA and Lean for the evaluation of the time study. Furthermore you can transfer data in .xls, .rtf and .txt. You can also use your own company-specific Excel templates via the Excel export configurator.

TimeStudy has equipped its time recording tool with a process flow chart in order to carry out (non-wage-relevant) time recordings in production quickly and without experts. This means that every employee can carry out a time study independently. On this clear chart we show the course of the TimeStudy T1 basic module including preparation and evaluation. That means, you simply check the box and the system automatically guides you to the desired action. Finally you can create evaluations and reports with a click without having to go through the individual menus.